Is Wearable Technology For Fitness Worth It? My Week With A Fitbit.

As a personal trainer for brides to be I am pretty lucky that the wedding date is often motivation enough for the majority of my clients. But what about those of you who don’t have me or another trainer to help guide you towards your goals, changing up your program each month? There is more and more technology coming out to help us all with our wellness and to be honest I have been quite resistant to it as with anything the first 2 weeks most people can stick to a plan but it is after that that they start to lose interest and motivation.

Fitbits have been around for quite a while now but like I said before I am not a big technology person, I like my life simple and having my phone go constantly all day I don’t really need something else to distract me from my quiet time and I feel like I can motivate myself pretty well to workout.

Let’s rewind back to February and it’s my Mums birthday and she asked for a FitBit, without knowing too much or really anything about them I rolled my eyes and was like “really, it is just a super fancy pedometer” plus she is really active with her cycling anyway. But she really wanted one so we all chipped in and got one for her and helped her to set it up.  For the next few weeks I got messages saying how cool it is.

Fast forward to December a few weeks ago and I win an HR Charge FitBit, I downloaded the app and set it up, added a few friends (friends added can see your steps for the week and you can ask them to challenge you) that have one and put it on.  For those that don’t know breaking my foot twice this year with stress fractures has meant I have moved a lot less and my walks with friends have had to be a lot slower and shorter while I have let it heal. From the moment though it was on my wrist it bought out a competitive side in me which I didn’t know I had! I got a buzz on my phone telling me I had done enough steps for a day and received my first badge from Fitbit, I was hooked! What other badges could I get, how do I earn those ones?! I wanted to do better.  Not being super competitive I can definitely see how it could be a great tool for those that need to move but need a bit more motivation to do so.

What I like the best about the HR Charge though is that it shows you how many active minutes you have done for the day where you have got your heart rate up with exercise, based on the recommended 30 minutes of exercise and then at the end of the week it shows you a summary.


I can definitely see now how there is a place for this type of technology to help keep people outside of their PT sessions accountable for getting some sort of exercise into their day and moving more often. Anything that will help a bride to be get a bit more active than normal gets a tick of approval from me.