5 Tips For Beating Wedding Stress

Planning a wedding can for some of you be quite a stressful process, you want the day to be perfect of course! You have your wedding dress so you can tick that off your list but everything else just feels like it’s getting a bit on top of you.  Stress can create a vicious cycle of bad skin, bloating, lack of sleep wreaking havoc on all your efforts you are putting into looking after yourself.

I have put together 5 tips to help you cope.

1) Eat right!!! Please minimize your caffeine intake as this can make your anxiety worse by increasing the amount of adrenaline in your system you want to try to keep it to 1 coffee a day. Deep fried foods are bad for you too as they can make your anxiety/depression worse.  Foods such as fruits and vegetables and lots of good fats help to minimize the stress hormones. Eat a rainbow at each meal to keep your body balanced and full of antioxidants.

2) Try yoga.  Whether it is a class your try or a Youtube video focusing on your breathing and tuning out for 20-45 minutes will help you to refocus.  Lying on your back with your bottom as close to the wall as possible, rest your legs vertically up the wall and take 10 big deep slow breaths. This is great for helping rest your nervous system if you are after a quick fix.

3) Exercise! Just by getting active for 20-30 minutes a day at a high intensity or 40-60 minutes of low intensity each day can help get the endorphin’s going.  Endorphin’s are important as they deplete the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline helping you to feel calmer and happier.

4) Sleep!!! Stress can cause exhaustion and being stressed can affect our sleep patterns. However sleep is important as it affects how we experience and cope with stress and psychological strain. Beat the cycle by going to bed at the same time every night to establish a good routine of getting at least 7 hours. Also relax yourself before bed with a cup of chamomile tea, lying with your legs up the wall like I mentioned earlier and switch off your technology at least 1 hour before bed.

5) Plan, Plan, Plan: Break your to do list down to just a few things to accomplish each month.  Bride and Groom Magazine have great planners in their magazines and you can also buy wedding planners from most book shops, ensuring you are not leaving everything until the last 2-3 months.